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iGallery - interactive Wordpress photo gallery, best fit for creative and corporate portfolio websites.

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Author: SakuraPixel
Contact: SakuraPixel
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Current Version: 1.1.0
Documentation Version 1.0.0
Created: 2013-03-26
Modified: 2013-04-01

1. Plugin Install

Brief information about how to install your WordPress plugin from scratch

Unzip the main file (the file that you have downloaded when you have purchased the plugin). The plugin installer is 'plugin_name'_installer.zip. - NOTE! - This is the only file that you should use to install the plugin.
NOTE! - The main zip file contains the installer, this documentation and the license file.

Log in to your Wordpress Admin Panel, go to Plugins > Add new > Upload. Upload the zip file that was discussed in the above topic.

Once you have uploaded the plugin, it automatically installs to your wordpress. Click the Activate button to activate it.
Please read the usage documentation below.

2. General Usage

Information about adding video ad content.

× Notice!
Thumbnail size
Please note that you can set the tbumbnails size for each gallery you create. The new sizes are being generated first time you preview the page with the gallery, because of the resize process it might take a few seconds until the page loads. This happens only once, the next time you visit the page the thumbs are already created and the loading time is normal.

Create a new gallery

In order to create a new gallery:

1. Go to Admin>iGallery>Add new

2. Add group (add groups to gallery). Groups are being used to gorup photos within a gallery, you can set up a name for each group, you can also re-order groups by dragging each group container.

3. Add images to each group. When you add images from media upload, you can select multiple images. Images can be reorder by dragging, you can set a caption for each image by clicking the edit button.

4. Set up gallery's properties. From the right panel you can set up gallery settings (thumbs size, lightbox buttons color, text color, gallery gap)

5. Add the shortcode to your pages. On the right side panel you can find the shortcode for the current gallery (Ex: [igallery id=""]), copy this shortcode and add it to your content (pages, blog posts)

Bellow you can find screen-shoots and a video with the admin panel:

NOTE! Click on the image to see the full size

Admin showcase